As a dog owner you may have been presented with many skin and coat problems with your dog. Considerable attention has been given to the involvement of the trace element of zinc, in pet nutrition. Zinc is the second highest requirement of the trace minerals in a dog’s diet. Zinc is involved in most of the enzymes systems of the body. 

The body allows the animal to fight off infections, as well as instrument its own healing process. A readily available source of zinc is necessary for the dog to heal skin which has been injured due to scratching, flea bites, allergies. Zinpro dog food, biscuits, and supplements is now available. The organic bonding makes Zinpro, a highly available source of zinc, and is free from the intestinal upsets that plagues the use of other inorganic sources. 

After using Zinpro for about 4-6 weeks, you will see skin quality often improves, and as healthy hair grows from healthy skin, the hair coat usually shows improvement as well. Zinpro is not a drug, It is a mineral, non toxic, and safe. Zinpro does not contain cortisone and can be used as, the biscuit of choice. If you dog is having scratching, irritated skin problems due to known or unknown causes try Zinpro.
Zinpro Dog Food