Diggin Your Dog is an old school, down to earth, grassroots company owned and operated by people who truly “dig your DOG”! We rigorously source all raw materials in each of our products from USA farmers and ranchers, offering a product that you will feel safe and confident feeding to your pet. Our products begin and end in the USA… from the soil to the bag, it is our promise to keep our products real, and keep your pet happy and healthy.
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Diggin Your Dog

Antibiotic, Hormone Free USA Bovine Trachea and Liver. - An excellent, natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroiten Sulphate in it’s natural state, retaining it’s natural GAG’s (glycosaminoglycans) making it easily and naturally absorbed and assimilated by the body. - Bioavailability, 100% natural, 100% USA. - An amazing tasty natural chew that supports joint, dental and mental health. - Two understandable ingredients: USA Beef Trachea, USA Beef Liver.